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Rainbow Quartz Publishing

Living Color Tarot Deck

Living Color Tarot Deck

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I've been making art for most of my life. I was the nerdy art kid in school, carrying around a sketch pad and daydreaming about working as a Disney animator someday. While that never happened, I still find solace in creating art. Thirteen years ago, I fell in love with tarot. I love everything about it, from the art, to the storytelling, and the simple way that it can help people. I find so much beauty in the pieces. And want nothing more than to add my own to the mix.

In mid-2020 I found myself in dire need of a new outlet. I started to create art in a way I hadn't desired to in a long time. I found inspiration with tarot and I knew, that I wanted to make an animal deck. In a lot of ways creating this deck saved my sanity. It gave me light in the dark. I used as much color as I could in each of the pieces. I find color inspirational and I  hope the feeling comes across in this deck. I created these pieces using a variety of methods and techniques I've mastered over a lifetime. 


This is for a full 78 card tarot deck, pictures of cards below. This is for the original full color deck. There is also a full holographic deck available. Both come in a beautiful tin box. No guide book. 


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